Thursday, March 1, 2012

Challenges and Disappointments

It is Thursday evening here at Anajali. Challenges come every day. Yesterday the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education results were released. Everyone waited anxiously to hear which school was the best, which boy was the top student in Kenya, and which girl was the top girl student in Kenya. And then the individual students waited for their results. Poor Flora found that she had not received the grade that would allow her to go to nursing school. Please pray for her as she needs to chose another career. The principal said that she could be enrolled in Early Childhood Development and become a teacher as she is very good with young children .

Godliver also faced a huge challenge today as she had to appear in court and testify concerning the brutal rape that she suffered. Testifying in court is not an easy thing to do and when it involves such a difficult experience, it is even more difficult. Please pray for her.

We traveled very bad roads to go out to Flora's school to clear her account and get her certificate of completion of secondary education. On the way back, we stopped at a restaurant to eat lunch. We had roasted meat, ugali; and tomato, onion, and garlic salad. We washed our hands at faucets over drums that had been cut in half to catch the waste water. We were served quickly and while eating, a number of men with the items they wanted to sell, came in and tried to get people to buy. One man carried a huge stack of Bibles - some kiswahili and some NIV English translations. Two ladies at the next booth were interested in buying but wanted a study Bible which he did not have.

Upon arriving back at school, I found the ladies of the knitting class gathering and the students of Anajali leaving on their break. The ladies want to meet again tomorrow to knit even though the school will not be in session. They are working on their sweaters. Some have both the back and front done and need to start on the sleeves. Lorna has done a great job with the cable stitch.

Rains came down again for a short while helping the dusty situation to calm down for a few minutes. Now we are home and waiting for the dressmaker to come with the dresses that he was fixing for three of the team members. Soon it will be time to eat and then to bed. Tomorrow we go out to the sewing school. It will be good to see how the students have progressed.

Signing off, Anne