Wellingtone's story

Wellingtone Nabwoba was born in Western Kenya. He is the oldest of nine children. He went to primary school and high school in his rural home. He later went to teachers' training college before the government employed him. Even though Wellingtone taught public school and was highly educated in his community, he was not satisfied.
Then he met Jesus Christ, and his life changed forever.
He became so involved with his church that the leaders encouraged him to enroll in the Nairobi school of theology. Soon after, Wellingtone became the pastor of his church. During a crusade in the town where Wellingtone was working, he took notice of three destitute boys that had stayed after for prayer. He asked them why they were not in school, and they confided that there was no one to pay their fees, they were street orphans. Wellingtone made an offer for the boys to come stay with him as long as they were willing to learn and work hard at their education.  They boys agreed, and Anajali school was born. Wellingtone stayed home with the three boys along with his own children, and he taught them.
Today, the Anajali school reaches 400 children in classes one through eight. Classrooms have dirt floors, poor ventilation, and few supplies.
Wellingtone would like to see the children who graduated from Anajali primary school further their education through high school and then college. Education will provide these children with jobs and they will be able to come back to their community and serve. However, the cost of high school is very high at $750.00 a year. Students need sponsors in order to attend because their families do not make enough to send them.
Wellingtone says, "When I remember how I got the children from dust bins on the streets of Nairobi with torn, tattered, and fifthly stinky clothes and bodies, and then I look at them once again clean, responsible, hard working, born again, happy children, I give the glory to our God."

If you would like to help sponsor a child and help to provide for their educations you can visit:
or write to:
Anajali Ministries, INC
PO Box 46
Scotland, CT 06264

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