Friday, February 17, 2012

First Day Thoughts

Len Cooper here.  Wow, so much to take in!  We arrived at the airport at Kenya at 2:30am yesterday.   It was awesome to see our host Wellingtone for the first time since we met him at Lakeside Baptist Church this past October. As I am writing this blog Saturday morning, we are getting ready for our first trip to the Anajali Primary School in Kibera, so not too much to report yet.  Last night our group spent time getting to know each other.  We had a devotion entitled "God Can use Anyone" which centered on the life and calling of Gideon in the book of Judges.  We also shared how we have seen God work so far.  I shared how God relieved me completely of my fear of flying to get me through my longest plane ride to date.  Another praise is that all luggage arrived completely and in tact with no customs issues.  Following the devotion, we were surprised by the sound of rain.  We quickly had to move all of our luggage from the court yard to inside.  The rain was a blessing though .... it has been very dry here so water supply is low across the city of Nairobi.  This morning we are all adjusting still to the new time zone.  The rooster woke us outside the house, and later Steven and I heard in the distance the Muslim prayer call.  Pray for us today as we head to the school, most of us for the first time, to meet the children.

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